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How To Build Effective SEO-Friendly Landing Pages

April 7, 2021 admin Comments Off

In the age of social media, you can write perfect and the most engaging content, but still your website won’t see any traffic. You might ask yourself why is that? You cannot run a business, or provide a service online no customers visiting your website. Hence, what your page needs is targeted traffic.

Let’s suppose that you have overpaid your content writer and now you don’t have any way to pay for social media marketing to generate traffic for your website. But there is a way (unpaid) to generate organic traffic on your website this technique is called SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of editing a web page’s elements to make it more likely to appear in searches when someone types a particular query. Thus, when people type a certain query then google shows them a set of web pages that are ranked. Thus, when you click on one website link, you are taken to the landing page of a particular website. This way, traffic is generated for that particular website, when many people visit the landing page. So, having an effective landing page is crucial for generating traffic.

What are landing pages?

SEO landing pages are those optimized pages that have some particular features that the google algorithm finds appealing, and thus show these pages to searchers. Hence, having a good landing page is impertinent for serious traffic. Also, many people make the mistake of prematurely ending their marketing campaigns. They are partially right in ending the campaigns because most campaigns are short. But if you are running a marketing campaign for a short duration, every few days or weeks every year, then you might be missing some serious traffic. Hence, having a great landing page is crucial.

How to create a landing page?

To build an effective landing page, consider the following tips that are most effective when creating landing pages:

  • Publish to a custom URL:

The first step in making a landing page is to create a custom URL. When such a URL is created you can then publish your content on this URL. This way, you will have a website with its own domain. The website doesn’t need to have a specific name. The website can be named in any way.

  • Choose your keywords:

Choosing keywords is extremely important when it comes to creating a landing page. You have to be careful about what keywords you choose, as they have to be incorporated into the content that is going to be published on your website. Also, they have to be simple enough that they could be easily long-tailed. The basic idea behind choosing the keywords is to choose those words that are relevant to the website. Like for example, you are creating a website for a real estate agent. Thus, the services that a real estate agent provides include commercial and residential property services. Thus, your keywords should be something close to these words.

  • Strategically place keywords in your content:

After choosing your keywords, make sure that these keywords are placed strategically in the content to achieve Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). You should plug your keywords in the following places.

Title tag: This is going to be the title of your page. Make sure that your title is compelling enough to encourage clicks. This is going to be displayed at the top of your page.

Meta Description: This is the short description of the page the visitor is about to open. Hence, make it as concise and to the point as possible.

Header Tags: In HTML, there are headers from H1 to H6 that are arranged in a hierarchy. Your page should have one H1 tag and it should be your main headline. If you plan on using sub-headings under your H2’s, then use H3’s.

Image file names: Always give your images some title description. This is because Google cannot see the physical image, thus it has to rely on the written text. Therefore, it is prudent that you should name your images.

Your copy: The keywords should be used throughout your copy. But they have to sparingly used. Otherwise, if you use them to much, you might risk being penalized by google.

  • Length of the page does not matter:

It does not matter whether you write short or long content, they both can rank equally. But as landing pages are meant to be concise, thus, for landing pages, keep the content short.

  • Secure backlinks to pages:

Get people to link to your page. This will increase the traffic organically because it means that people are now vouching for you.

  • Leave your landing page online:

Never make your landing page go offline. Even if the campaign is short, leave the landing page online.

  • Speed up your landing page:

Increase the speed of your page by using smaller images, closing unwanted extensions, and switching to a faster web host.

  • Shareable content:

Write content that can be shared on all social media platforms.

Hence, by doing all of these things, you can create effective landing pages, and rank them higher on Google through SEO.